Barrel & Stone



Frustrated by current high street pizza offerings Barrel & Stone embarked on a mission to enable local businesses, with a passion for excellence, to freshly prepare, bake and serve stone baked pizza of an exceptional standard to their local community.

Our established network of Barrel & Stone pizza premises, operated by our pizza ambassadors, now provide local communities and families the opportunity at their local, to indulge in an amazing stone baked Barrel & Stone pizza complimented by excellent beer and wine.


Like all great food and drink it comes down to the careful selection of ingredients and their preparation. Our menus are created using the finest ingredients that pay homage to the original Napoli pizza masters but also add their own twist from modern Italian culture.

Our fully trained Barrel & Stone pizza ambassadors share our ambition for excellence in pizza, beer and wine and a visit to their sites will guarantee you a fantastic artisan pizza, the best quality wine and specially crafted beer that may even have been brewed in your local area!